The History of the Law Offices of Sheila M. Schultz


The law practice of this firm was originally established by John C. Sheridan in 1879 and has been in continuous existence since that date. In the early 1890's, Frank M. Sheridan became associated with John C. Sheridan under the firm name of Sheridan & Sheridan. After the death of John C. Sheridan in 1899, Frank M. Sheridan continued the practice individually from that time until 1911 when Bernard L. Sheridan became associated with him under the firm name of Sheridan & Sheridan. In January of 1931, L. Perry Bishop became a member of the firm under the name of Sheridan, Sheridan & Bishop, which continued until the death of Frank M. Sheridan in February of 1937 after which the firm was known as Sheridan & Bishop. In June of 1942, J. Milton Sullivant became associated with the firm under the name of Sheridan, Bishop & Sullivant and continued as a member until February of 1949. This law practice was continued after that date under the name of Sheridan Bishop until the death of Bernard L. Sheridan in December of 1952 after which the practice was continued individually by L. Perry Bishop. In May of 1955, Mr. Bishop associated Edwin A. Lee with him in the practice of law under the firm name of Bishop & Lee.

William C. Ellis, Marvin Wm. Barkis, Lee H. Tetwiler and J. Darcy Domoney worked as associates at various times for the law firm of Bishop & Lee. L.Perry Bishop retired in 1976. William C. Ellis joined the firm in September of 1973 and left the firm in June of 1974. Marvin Wm. Barkis joined the firm in 1971 and left the firm in 1985. Lee H. Tetwiler joined the firm in 1977, and J. Darcy Domoney joined the firm in 1981.

On January 1, 1987, Edwin A. Lee, Wendell D. Winkler, Lee H. Tetwiler and J. Darcy Domoney formed the partnership of Winkler, Lee, Tetwiler & Domoney. Wendell D. Winkler had practiced law in Paola since 1951 and formerly practiced law with his father, Garrett Winkler, who commenced his law practice in Paola in 1923. Sheila M. Schultz became an associate with the firm in September of 1992.

On January, 1, 1997, the partnership of Winkler, Lee, Tetwiler, Domoney & Schultz was formed. In 2000, Wendell D. Winkler, J. Darcy Domoney and Sheila M. Schultz continued their partnership as Winkler, Domoney & Schultz and moved to 131 S. Pearl, Paola. Wendell D. Winkler retired in May 2004, and John L. Domoney joined the firm as an associate in March of 2007.

The law firm of Winkler, Domoney & Schultz dissolved in 2018. Sheila M. Schultz continues to practice law in Paola, Kansas.

According to The Journal of the Kansas Bar Association, the law firm is the fourth oldest firm in the State of Kansas. Only 13 attorneys have been associated with this law firm in 132 years.